Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Days 1-3, 25 September 2014

So much has happened since we left Indiana on Monday. We have been in non-stop motion. I'll try to hit the highlights, but I may not get things in order. Check back each day for the latest news on our Uganda Mission 2013. And stay tuned later in the week for some photos.

  • We left Argos, Indiana at noon on Monday. Dave Shivers drove the three of us to O'Hare Airport in Chicago. It was a great day for a ride and Dave was especially congenial. It was great to have someone who was willing to lead out in prayer for us as we left.
  • We checked in at the airport for our 6pm flight to Brussels, Belgium on United Airlines. I am not sure the size of the plane, but there were nine people in each row in the economy class and I was in the back row, row 45. The flight was good and we arrived in Brussels without incident at 930am. We then had to navigate through an unfamiliar airport that was not marked very well, at least for my liking.
  • By the time we found our way to our connecting gate, the flight was ready to board. This time we all sat in the back row. The flight left at 1130 and arrived in Kigali, Rwanda at 9pm. We took on more passengers there and then flew to Entebbe, Uganda. By the time we got off the plane in Uganda it was 11pm. This is where our first difficulty came up. (In fairness, it is our only difficulty so far.) Our luggage did not make it to Uganda. Thankfully the clerk was able to locate it right away. Our bags, including toiletries, clothes, snacks and even the Bibles that we collected for the pastors, will not arrive until Friday morning. We do believe that our luggage is having a nice vacation in Europe, however.
  • Our hosts, John Kiviiri and Joseph Kanyike were waiting for us outside the airport. They have arranged transportation for the week and got us to our hotel. By the time we got to our rooms it was 2am. This trip took us over 30 hours.
  • This morning we started our seminar for the local pastors. There were nearly 50 in attendance. We were hoping for 20, were promised 30 and now there is some thought that there will be more tomorrow. God is good. 
  • Brad was able to do some research on the possibility of getting internet connections for the pastors. Like most things in Africa, it seems as though it is going to be complicated and expensive. Please be praying that we will use wisdom and determine the best way to share the 3-5 Plan and the support and training that it hopes to provide.
  • Teaching/ Preaching is hard with a translator. Although Brad and Chad agreed that I should preach that way at home. Apparently they think I need a translator all the time.
  • The music and worship times have been great! We did not understand any of the words, but it was apparent that these people love God. There was singing, shouting, clapping and dancing.
Here is the tentative schedule for the rest of our stay.

Thursday- Seminar at Namboole UMC
Friday- Seminar at Namboole UMC
Saturday- Visit to Ngogula and training for pastors there
Sunday- Worship at Namboole UMC, Some touring
Monday- Meeting with Pastors in Jinja
Tuesday- Visit and fact-finding at Wesley Nursery School
               Departure from Uganda at 11pm

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