Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prayer Schedule

On each of the following days please pray for the work of the Uganda Bible Academy Team.
August 19 Team unity and effectiveness
August 20 Class preparations and study
August 21 Packing and planning details
August 22 Good health during travel & teaching
August 23 That Ugandans would be prepared
August 24 Travel to Indianapolis/ Flight to New York
August 25 Safety and rest in Cairo, Egypt/ Flight to Entebbe, Uganda
August 26 Rest and acclimation to Uganda
August 27 The beginning of the Academy
August 28 Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
August 29 Students would be open to Holy Spirit
August 30 Health and strength for all
August 31 Anointing in teaching
September 1 Safety during sightseeing
September 2 Preaching in Ugandan churches
September 3 Making connections for ministry
September 4 Leaders to be raised up
September 5 Not getting too homesick
September 6 Perseverance and stamina/ Strength for family at home
September 7 Conclusion of school/ Farewells
September 8 Travel safety
September 9 Rest in travel
Sept 10 Arrival at home

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